Brides Of Lucifer

The Brides of Lucifer project was born in the summer of 2016 when three long-time friends and music professionals Koen Buyse, Steven Kolacny en Ives Mergaerts, finally made their common metal dream come true.
The objective was simple as it was ingenious: to bring a unique and original tribute to metal by combining a female choir with the brutal force of guitar riffs and drums. Next: to give the audience the experience of a life time, both musically and visually.
Belgium's biggest Metal and Hard Rock festival Graspop was immediately blown away by the idea and offered this new exciting project a headline slot. Things got serious when became clear that BRIDES OF LUCIFER suddenly were billed between the likes of Rammstein, Deep Purple, Evanescence, Gojira and In Flames.
BRIDES OF LUCIFER delivered an astonishing show. 13 female singers in custom made dress creations, accompanied on stage with a group of excellent musicians bringing their own version of mythical metal and hard rock songs in a breath taking stage set up.
Press and audience went crazy. This was nothing what they've ever seen before. Classics and instant classics from Rammstein to Iron Maiden over Slayer to Machine Head, Pantera and System of a Down performed in this very special set up. Stars were flying around in the reviews, fans were begging for more shows and a record...
An indoor show was announced shortly after summer. The legendary Ancienne Belgique venue was booked. The 2000 capacity room sold out quickly... There wasn't even time to print posters for the show.
Again BRIDES OF LUCIFER set the bar higher. A new band, at that point without a record and only 1 show in the bag, sold out the biggest club room in Belgium. Never happened before!
In the summer of 2018 the appearance on stages of Lokerse Feesten and Alcatraz Festival completed the journey of the original BRIDES OF LUCIFER project. At this point the original members decided to go on seperate ways. Today BRIDES OF LUCIFER live a second life.